Podcast Episodes

Uma Chingunde - On managing migrations, growing engineering teams and much more - #8
Charity Majors - On database outages, journey as a co-founder, thriving under pressure and growing as an engineer - #7
Tammy Bryant Butow - On failure injection, chaos engineering, extreme sports and being curious - #6
Oliver Leaver-Smith - On how "just a monitoring change" took down the entire site and resilience engineering - #5
Ryan Underwood - On debugging the Linux kernel - #4
David Henke - On building a culture of "Site Up" at LinkedIn and Yahoo! - #3
Julia Evans - On kubernetes scheduler bugs, TCP performance regressions and debugging tips - #2
Kelsey Hightower - On ways kubernetes can break, being an effective leader and much more - #1
Introducing Software Misadventures Podcast - #0