Julia Evans - On kubernetes scheduler bugs, TCP performance regressions and debugging tips - #2

Julia Evans


Julia Evans runs a programming zines business, called Wizard Zines, where she creates comics about various programming concepts. She has been creating zines, when she was still a software engineer at Stripe. Her zines are extremely approachable and highly educational. In addition to creating zines, Julia is a prolific blogger and has around 500 posts on her blog at jvns.ca. Her blogs are another great source to learn about fundamental programming concepts. 

Show Notes

We had a lot of fun speaking with Julia for this episode. We discuss two bugs she came across at Stripe. We talk about how she identified and fixed a bug in Kubernetes Scheduler and how her understanding of TCP helped her fix a performance regression. We also cover other topics like blogging, zines, debugging and learning new things.

Some of Julia’s Zines we discussed


You can read the full transcript here.

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