Uma Chingunde - On managing migrations, growing engineering teams and much more - #8

Uma Chingunde


Uma Chingunde is a VP of Engineering at Render. She has been working on compute systems throughout her career. Prior to Render, she led the compute infrastructure group at Stripe and before that, led compute virtualization teams at Delphix and VMware.

Show Notes

We had a great time speaking with Uma! Our major focus in this episode was large scale infrastructure migrations and Uma shared many insights on how to manage them successfully. We discussed the importance of communicating the “why” behind a migration, identifying success metrics, creating a culture where migrations are identified as highly impactful projects and much more. Uma also shared stories where parts of a migration didn’t go as planned, how the team fixed the issue and the kind of engineers she thinks would make good tech leads for these projects. There’s a lot to learn from Uma’s experience. Please enjoy this highly educational conversation with Uma Chingunde!


You can read the episode transcript here.

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