Spoons (Daniel Spoonhower) - On building Lightstep, being customer focused, developing systems at Google scale and much more - #12

Daniel Spoonhower


Spoons (Daniel Spoonhower) is the Co-founder and Chief Architect of Lightstep. Prior to LightStep, he was a Staff Software Engineer at Google.

Show Notes

In this conversation, we learned about building systems at Google scale and various aspects that make Google a different place than other companies. We talked about Spoons’s journey of leaving Google and deciding to join Lightstep as a co-founder. We dig into the challenges during the early days of Lightstep and discuss the importance of speaking to customers to build the right product. We talk about what it’s like to start a family and run a startup, how Spoons defines Personal and Professional success and how one can be intentional about building a company’s culture. As always, we go through some of the misadventures and one of them involves a cable being cut under the English channel. Please enjoy this delightful conversation with Spoons.

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