Lorin Hochstein - On how Netflix learns from incidents, software as socio-technical systems, writing persuasively and more - #13

Lorin Hochstien on 'should I deploy on a friday at 5pm'


Lorin Hochstein is a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix. Before joining the Managed Delivery team, Lorin worked on Resilience Engineering, contributing to popular projects like chaos monkey. Prior to Netflix, Lorin was an Assistant Professor at University of Nebraska-Lincoln before getting into industry and working at research labs and startups.

Lorin is an avid writer, check out his blog, books, and the community he’s building around learning from incidents.

Show Notes

With 5+ years of experience building resilient systems at the Netflix scale, Lorin joins the show to chat about his favorite incident story, the path that led him to doing chaos engineering (and later away from it), and advocating for a dedicated analyst to talk to people after an incident. Throughout the conversation, Lorin shares his philosophy and tips on how to learn from incidents, what engineers can gain from writing better, and why some metrics may not be as useful as you think.

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