Cory Watson - Leading observability teams at Twitter & Stripe, how to succeed in a new org, effective ways to advocate for your team and more - #16

Cory Watson


Cory Watson is currently a Solutions Engineer at and very well known in the community for his work on Observability. His career in observability began at Twitter where he managed the Observability team and then he joined Stripe, where he created and led the Observability team, this time around as a Principal Engineer. He then joined SignalFx as a Technical Director in the office of the CTO working on advocacy, customer engagement and product improvement.

Show Notes

We had a blast speaking with Cory. We talk about how he got his start in customer support and the role it played in the later part of his career. We discuss his time at Twitter where there was a power outage in the data center on the day he joined and how once he had to stay up all night dealing with file handle leaks. We also discuss how he created and led the observability team at Stripe as an individual contributor, how one can succeed in a new org, navigating information asymmetry in the workplace, what are some effective ways to advocate for your team and how we all are just humans trying to get stuff done.

We had a lot of fun speaking with Cory. Please enjoy this highly entertaining episode with Cory Watson!

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