Chris Pruett - On deciding to leave LinkedIn and co-founding Jam, values based decision making and compassionate leadership - #19

Chris Pruett


Chris Pruett is the CTO and Co-founder of Jam. Jam is a new way to share and listen to bite-sized audio. Prior to Jam, Chris spent 9+ years at LinkedIn growing from an engineering manager to VP of Engineering. During his tenure at LinkedIn, he worked on almost all aspects of the app and towards the end, led an org of 500+ engineers working on Feed, Messaging, Identity and Search.

Show Notes

We had a great time talking to Chris. We discussed how he made the decision to leave his leadership position at LinkedIn and co-found Jam. This wasn’t a simple decision and Chris walked us through his thought process. Anyone thinking about leaving their job and starting or joining a startup, it’s worth listening to Chris’s journey. We discussed how Chris and his Co-founder are coming with the company values at Jam. We also spoke about his time at LinkedIn, practicing compassion in leadership, work-life balance and how he developed the practice to make value based decisions both in professional and personal life.

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