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Ronak: Hey everyone, I am Ronak and this is our episode 0. As we are starting out, we wanted to share a little about who we are, what this podcast is about and why we are doing this. I started my engineering career in the data infrastructure space at a startup called Insight Data Science. A couple years after that, I joined LinkedIn as an SRE on the compute infrastructure team. Over time I have realized that deeply understanding the systems I work with has made me more comfortable with production systems and has also made me a better engineer. Like many of us, I have always wanted to learn more from others. So I watch conference talks, read books and various engineering blogs. And I’ve often wondered if only I could talk to some of the fellow engineers and experts in this domain - to get to know them better and get more insights from them. So a few months back I started thinking about having a podcast as a means to have in-depth conversations about building resilient software and growing as a technical leader. As I was thinking more about this I felt this would be a lot more fun to start with my friends - Austin and Guang - so I reached out to them. To my pleasant surprise, they both said yes and here we are starting a podcast together.

Austin: Hey all, I am Austin. First of all - we all know each other through our time at Insight Data Science where we all started on the data engineering side of things and gravitated towards infrastructure engineering. I think over time we all became a lot more fascinated with what happened under the hood so much that we started a computer networking book club sometime in 2016. This let us learn more about this area at our own pace. Ronak and I eventually ended up at LinkedIn as SREs working on much larger infrastructure problems in both the search and compute infrastructure space. We both had our fair share of outages, so when Ronak reached out, I loved the idea and thought this would be a lot of fun.

Guang: Hey everyone, this is Guang. So in the last couple of years I moved from data infrastructure to machine learning And what I’ve noticed from working on systems higher up the stack, like ML, is that understanding how the underlying infra works makes you a lot more effective, especially if you’re responsible for shipping the product. In addition to speaking with technical leaders in infrastructure engineering, we will also have guests who are working on other parts of the stack to talk about software misadventures.

Ronak: So, we have some very interesting episodes lined up - first one featuring a wide ranging conversation with Kelsey Hightower where we discuss ways in which kubernetes can break, being an effective leader and much more. This first episode will be released soon so stay tuned. You can learn more and subscribe at You can also write to us at Thank you for listening, until next time!

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